The Adventures of the Halstead Fam!

8 Months of Awesome

Samuel is officially 8 months old! It’s crazy to think that this time last year we were dreaming of what life would be like with him and now I can’t remember what life was like without him (besides things like how simple it used to be to go places like the grocery store or a coffee shop). Many people are asking us things about Samuel’s development. Is he crawling? How many teeth does he have? Is he pulling himself up and climbing out of his crib? Can he use crayons yet?

He is not crawling, he has no teeth, he slowly attempted to pull himself up on his crib railing one day (which quickly lead to Stead lowering his mattress), and he enjoys crayons as things to chew on vs as a creative outlet.

Some things he has become successful at include gnawing on apple slices, eating coins of bananas, splashing at bath time, babbling with anyone who is willing to converse with him, and sleeping at night (mostly). He has also become quite good at scooting backwards on his belly. The other day he and I were sitting in his nursery and watching him was like watching a little roomba vacuum.  He would scoot, bump into something, spin, and scoot some more.


Life with our little man becomes more and more entertaining every day. I continue to find myself struggling to enjoy the moments we are in because it feels like he is growing and changing so fast that I cannot help but think about when he can walk and run and leap all on his own.  He’s going to be quite the adventure buddy. Here’s hoping we can enjoy this stage of life where he is just along for the ride.