The Adventures of the Halstead Fam!

4 Months Old!

Samuel is officially 4 months into life and he is rocking it!  In addition to his new skill of rolling (still primarily to the left but the right has made it’s way into his daily entertainment set list), he is working on refining some of his muscle strength.  Our little man is gripping his rattle and molecule, reaching for and holding onto the toys that dangle from his baby gym, putting weight on his legs (we hold him obviously, not quite ready to stand on his own), and he loves, loves, LOVES to laugh!

Weight is still slowly but surely making it’s way onto Sammy’s bones, but he is getting stronger and heavier with every passing day.  He is also expanding his vocabulary with shrieks, giggles, and long-drawn “ooooo’s”.

Everything is finding it’s way to his mouth!  Which means many toys, blankets, and our fingers are covered with slobber on a regular basis.  I’m a little nervous for when he starts teething, and all the drool and chewing is a sign that those days are right around the corner!

As per usual, our little man also continues to love songs.  “The Hippo Song”, a beloved diddy from my Day Camp days, continues to be a favorite that almost always delivers giggles during cranky diaper changes & end of bath time tears.  We are so glad our little guy loves songs!
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