The Adventures of the Halstead Fam!

Samuel’s First Camping Adventure!

A couple weeks ago Samuel turned 5 months old.  As a way to celebrate we decided it was time for a family camping trip!  Stead loaded up the car with our mega tent, camp stove, sleeping bags, extra blankets, firewood, and geocaches on the GPS.  We headed towards the coast in hopes of getting away from the high temperatures in Eugene.  Of course we were also competing with everyone else who decided last minute to go camping so we were not sure if we would actually find a camp site.  Luckily Stead turned into Sutton Lake campground, just outside of Florence, and we snagged one of the final spots!

I fed Samuel and Stead set up the tent (no small feat when you are setting up a 10X10, 7ft fall outdoor mansion) and we headed into Florence for a late lunch and our typical wander on the Siuslaw boardwalk.  We tried a new spot in town called Homegrown.  It was DELICIOUS!


Some friends from NCU had also escaped the heat to camp, so we met up with them and stood beside the ocean, watching the waves and walking on the sand.  Samuel loved the windy shore!

When we got back to the campsite we bundled Samuel up in a modge-podge of coziness and hunkered down for the night.  He did fantastic!  He only woke up once and I was able to catch him and snuggle him before he could wake up the whole campground.



In the morning we took a short hike up and over a sandy dune trail, found a couple geocaches, and made our way home.  It was a short camping trip but I think it was just what we needed.  We are excited to take Samuel again!  Hoping we can get 1 or 2 more nights in the great outdoors in this fall before the nights get to cold for our little guy.  He loves being outside so we can only imagine that camping will become more and more fun as he gets older.