The Adventures of the Halstead Fam!

Christmas is here!

Our postings have slowed down! Things haven’t though. We’ve had a pretty crazy 30 days together and at work. While I wish I could say that Christmas break meant slowing down, in IT you have to cram most big updates into the times when users are mostly gone.

I’ve added wires, subtracted wires, built servers, retired servers, wired a new battery backup and stripped out old batteries. Jeez.


Is it fun? Of course! I’ve been joined by some solid student workers that help keep things light and fun. We’re also making visible progress, which also feels really great.

I ran the video switcher for graduation this year. Production still stresses me out to no end, but things went well.

This last weekend, we shared a great Christmas with Sarah’s mom. It was a packed house, but a ton of fun.

I’m sure we’ll have some good stories and pictures after this next week on the road. We are not circling Washington this year, which feels strange and relieving!

See you soon!