The Adventures of the Halstead Fam!

To the Beach!

One of the best things about living in Oregon is how easy it is to escape our normal schedules. We took advantage of that this weekend! After some pancakes on Saturday morning, we decided that we should camp at the beach! Sure!

So, we packed the car and headed to Newport. We’ve been to Florence quite a few times, so it was exciting to go to a city we’ve only done short trips to.

Newport is home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium (Such a big deal that their website is just!). We visited and watched Otters, Seals, and all sorts of sea creatures play. It was good. It was also incredibly rainy. After a few hours, we left for Nye Beach, a famous part of Newport. We had a good visit, but the rain kept us from doing too much geocaching.

I know, the rain, the rain. What whimps. Unfortunately, we’re talking about sideways-blowing-beach-wind-that-soaks-rain-jackets-in-seconds.

So, we headed down to the Newport boardwalk and strolled to the best seafood restaurant (according to Yelp reviews): Local Ocean Seafoods. It was awesome. We shared a super fancy smoked salmon salad and crab sandwich. Wow!

Then we went to see Taken 3 at the movie theater… because it was still raining pretty hard.

At least we thought it was raining hard, until the movie was over. The rain quantity had doubled. It was insane. At that moment, we decided that camping (even inside our little RV (aka the subaru)) did not sound like as much fun. We were also a little soaked from our 15 second jog to the car, so we decided to spring for a cheap motel room. Worth it!

Today was filled with more beach food, the beach, made goals for 2015, and took a great tour. All in all, an awesome trip! We’re excited to go back to Newport… mostly because we didn’t get to visit Ripley’s Believe it or Not Odditorium!