The Adventures of the Halstead Fam!

Family Camp Round 1 – Halsteadpoloza

We enjoyed a fantastic few days of family camp at Fort Stevens with the Halstead & Glidden crews. Stead’s sister Anna pulled all the details together – she reserved 3 sites next to each other and we had a blast sitting around the campfire, biking the trails, and enjoying the beach.

The only downside – mosquitos! They were the worst at about 4:30/5:00am when Samuel decided to wake up the first morning we were there. After trying to fight them off we couldn’t take it so we ran to the beach. The last time we were at the beach Samuel was only 5 or 6 months old. He spent most of his beach time in a hiking backpack or the Ergo carrier. This time around he had his legs under him and boy did he use them! He used them to head straight for the ocean! The boy could not get enough of the waves.

To top off our trip home from the coast we stopped in Rockaway Beach for lunch at Pronto Pup, home of the original corn dog. It’s been on Stead’s coastal food stops list for a while and we finally made it. It was tasty! Lunch included sharing an original corn dog, a frickle (deep fried pickle on a stick – the thing was HUGE), and a cheese dog (i.e. mozzarella cheese fried in corn dog batter). It was a lot of fried food on a stick for not being at the fair. Stead and Sammy also rode the mechanical corn dog (see their bold & strong picture below). It was a sight to see!

All in all it was a great trip. We are excited for more camping trips later this summer!