The Adventures of the Halstead Fam!

Coastal Tent Trailer Adventures – Day 4

Waking up at Cape Lookout may have been the most beautiful of mornings.  Since our campsite was literally on the other side of a dune from the beach the waves lulled us all to sleep throughout the night – amazing!  At 4am Stead and I both found ourselves awake so we popped outside to gaze at the stars.  They were BEAUTIFUL!  Bright and twinkling clearly against the dark no-longer-night not-quite-morning sky.


Once Samuel woke up we wandered down the beach enjoying the calm of the morning.  The shoreline is always so peaceful, often times with your only fellow beach wanderers being seagulls, jellyfish, and crabs.


We packed up the trailer and headed towards Pacific City to visit Pelican Brewery and walk in the sand with our toes in the ocean.


After watching surfers and showing Samuel the joy that is wave chasing (he participated from the hiking backpack – he’ll play in the ocean soon enough), we enjoyed a delightful lunch on the back patio of Pelican.  The food was beautiful & delicious, the view couldn’t be beat.


We shared an awesome smattering of plates & the line of tasters while Samuel enjoyed his sweet potatoes by the shore.


After lunch we grabbed a hook-up spot at Beverly Beach State Park.  This campground is a tangled mess of loops and trails, surrounded by a creek and the ocean a short walk away.  With a desire to explore we popped Samuel back into the hiking backpack and wandered around the trail that surrounded the campground.


It was a leisurely stroll that lasted a little longer than we anticipated but we were just grateful to find our way back to the campsite.  When I mentioned that the campground is a tangles mess of loops and trails, what I mean to say is there are a million ways to get turned around in the place!  Between the two of us Stead and I made 4 or 5 trips to the bathroom and I think we ended up at a different one every time, even though we thought we were taking the same route as we had before.

All in all, Beverly Beach served us well with another solid night of sleep and a hook-up spot for the pop-up trailers heater.