The Adventures of the Halstead Fam!

Ahh- Break!

We’re both very lucky to have jobs that still follow the school schedule! Starting on Monday, I (Stead) will be done with INN activities for a two and a half weeks, and after Sunday, Sarah will have a short hiatus from youth group things at Birchwood. Great!

We’ll be spending the time away relaxing, traveling (the state!), and visiting family. It should be pretty good. We’re definitely both excited to see family after having snow change our Thanksgiving plans.

Upon hearing that the passes had all sorts of snow over Thanksgiving week and it was supposed to keep snowing – we stayed here in Bellingham. On Thanksgiving day, we walked over to Jim & Connie’s house and had an awesome dinner with their family. We enjoy spending time with the Bellingham family. It was great!

Next up is a week of relaxing for me and side projects around the house. I’ve taken a small amount of side work helping a neighbor fix up their newsletter website. That starts tomorrow and should only take an hour or two.

Our tree is set up (thanks to, the INN’s Christmas party). Leftovers are great 🙂

All in all – life is good. Excited to see people over the break and get some rest in.

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