The Adventures of the Halstead Fam!

A Year in Review – 2017

We’ve entered 2018 at full throttle after a year of adventure. Here’s a little about what we’ve been up to:

Stead is enjoying his job at NCU not only as the Director of IT but he has also taken on the task of teaching! He is the most successful reader of the family and Sarah is envious of his ability to get through 3 books in the time it takes her to do one. When he isn’t busy at work Stead is constantly planning the next family adventure. This summer after purchasing a pop-up trailer from some friends he has been excited about exploring all of Oregon throughout the year (yea for “glamping” with a heater!). Stead also accepted the call from our church community to serve as a Elder – he is so good at sharing light with others!

Sarah’s days are mostly filled with Samuel time and she loves watching him grow, learn, and play. The two of them can be found wandering around NCU, the Springfield Public Library, and sharing a story, cookie, and coffee at the Washburne, our neighborhood coffee shop. She has also added a full day of work at CAFA where she councils individuals and does intakes for parenting and anger management classes. She also tackled her first half marathon alongside fellow NCU staff, students, and alumni last year and is hoping to do it again this spring!

Samuel has turned from a baby to a toddler! His favorite past times include playing with trains, singing the ABC’s, playing his own personal version of hide and seek, and riding the bus. He loves his friends and going for walks along the river and to all the great parks we have to play in.

Adventures have been abundant for our family this past year. We shared


special camping trips with family at Fort Stevens and Wallowa Lake. After terrible forest fires filled the air with thick, thick smoke we escaped to the coast to play in the sand and to Salem for the State Fair. A bike trailer found it’s way behind our bikes and Samuel is quick to let you know he doesn’t want it to stop. Our first year in our home has been filled with painting our rooms and big backyard projects. Every time we finish a task we get excited about the next project!

We are excited for all that awaits in 2018! We hope we get to share a little bit of it with you.

Love, Stead, Sarah, and Samuel