The Adventures of the Halstead Fam!

Coastal Tent Trailer Adventures – Day 2

After a somewhat rough night of adjusting to life in a tent trailer (we had a bit of a rookie-struggle with the heater) & enjoying some breakfast burritos (so easy to make on a pop-up trailer stove!), we set out to explore the campground trails of Fort Stevens.  We meandered through trees and up the hills where Battery Russell hides under the sand and grass.  After choosing not to sleep particularly well Samuel was quite sleepy, so he snoozed most of the time.fort-stevens

It’s a little creepy and really fascinating exploring the places created to protect our shores during war.  They are hollow & echoey, filled with creepy shadows and dark corners.  As we peered in each room and climbed stairs to the top it wasn’t hard to imagine the tension that must have been a part of every day life for the military men who were stationed there during the war.

Fort Stevens is a short skip & hop from Astoria, so we popped into town for lunch and the chance to use our hiking backpack some more.  Fort George brewery served us well with great food and delicious beverages to share.  This place gets busy but if you find yourself in Astoria & enjoy beverages made with barley and hops, this is a great stop!  img_4636img_4638

The Scorcher Cafe & Bakery is also right next door – we may have popped in to snag a couple pastries to enjoy with our instant coffee the next morning.


Another important moment of Day 2 was taking Samuel to the Peter Iredale ship wreck, a favorite spot for both Stead and I during our childhood coastal trips.  After exploring what remains of the rusty wreckage, Samuel felt sand for the first time.  He seemed to love it!


Night two was blessed with a very cozy trailer after Stead mastered the heater.  Samuel did awesome and only woke up once.  A decent night of sleep when camping with a baby is almost more of a gift than when it happens at home, because that means more energy for adventuring the next day!