The Adventures of the Halstead Fam!

30 Weeks & Counting

Today marks the day we enter the final stretch of our pregnancy.  We are 30 weeks!  That means only 10 or so until our little adventure buddy joins us.  So exciting!  Last weekend we attended a birthing class at the hospital where baby will join us.  The nurse who led the day was awesome & we are excited to have all the options the hospital’s birthing floor provides (tubs, meds upon request, family stays together at all times, labor, delivery & recovery all happen in our own private room, mama & baby focused, all that good stuff).

Baby Halstead 22 Wks

Overall our pregnancy has been awesome.  Besides suddenly not wanting anything to do with some of my favorite foods (burgers, garlic, Stead’s slowly smoked BBQ) & sleeping through the night being a memory of a few months ago, I have little to complain about.  All our appointments have gone well, our doctor is amazing & all our tests come back with positive results.  Ultrasounds are really exciting, especially now that Baby Halstead is big enough to really fill the screen when we go into the imagining room.  Every time baby does 2 things – waves & hides his/her face in the placenta (which kinda looks like a fluffy pillow – we’ve got a snuggler on our hands!).

For those who are wondering if Baby Halstead is a boy or a girl, we’re in the same boat as you.  Baby will let us know who he/she is when baby arrives in February!  It’s driving some folks crazy not to know, but we think it’ll be worth it.

Thanks for all your thoughts & prayers as we continue to grow & wait!