The Adventures of the Halstead Fam!

Twas the Night Before Travel

Here we are! It’s the night before we head out. Elyse will be delivering us to the Eugene Airport tomorrow and we’ll travel to San Francisco. From there, we’re off to London!

The tentative plan is then to be in London for a few days, Paris for a few days, Rome for a few days, Florence for a few days, and then to Switzerland.

We’re excited to travel and see a new place. On our to-do list in San Francisco is locate a pre-paid chip+pin credit card from Travelex. We’ll have cash too, so we’re not worried. One of the biggest benefit to the chip+pin card is that we can use it in the automated bike rental machines.

What is Chip+Pin, you might ask? It’s a credit card that uses a pin number and an internal chip to authenticate purchases. Interestingly enough, they’re used most everywhere in the world except the US, where we still rely on signature authorization. I have opinions on signature authorization (it’s silly. How could a stranger ever verify you are who you say you are?), but that’s another story for a different place.

Our hope is that we can use this blog to keep some of our recaps and thoughts from each day. You may not find it all interesting. It’s more for us than it is for you!

Another note: we allow comments on posts, but we won’t have the time or a method to check them (until we’re home).

Just for fun, here’s the hostel we’re staying at in London. It looks trendy. Hopefully all those youths aren’t too loud for us old folk!

Alright! Here we go! This is going to be a crazy adventure. The most adventurous parts are the things we don’t even yet know about.