The Adventures of the Halstead Fam!

The Two Have Become One!

Hello friends and family!  We hope you all are well and enjoying the summer!  It’s been almost two months since the wedding and a lot has happened up here in Bellingham for the newest edition of the Halsteads.

Update #1: Being Married
Getting married and becoming “The Halsteads” has been one of the most exciting events and choices we have ever been able to make.  As the wife of this team I have to say that every day I am in awe and overwhelmed with gratitude for Stead.  Not only has he found us a home, gotten me a bike, fixed my laptop, set up our finances, and taken numerous runs of cardboard off to be recycled, but he is my best friend, and my love.  Every day I thank God that he shows himself through my husband.

Update #2: Our Home
We are enjoying everyday life as husband & wife in a little brown duplex in the Columbia Neighborhood.  It has been fun settling in and making it our own.  Pictures are on the walls, furniture is in place, meals have been prepared and shared in the kitchen, and the office/guest room is on the brink of being ready for visitors. (hint hint)

Update #3: Our Adventures!
The Halsteads are travelers this summer!  Our camping/yurting extravaganza down & back along the Oregon coast was wonderful.  We found lots of historical geo caches, enjoyed the yurts, ate to much saltwater taffy & strawberry shortcake, tested out our camping stove, and walked along the breezy beach at sunset.

Since then we have visited Maple Valley often to exchange hugs for a trailer, mini-van, and another wedding reception where we were able to share some time with lots of Stead’s family’s neighbors and friends who we missed at the wedding. We also were able to enjoy the 4th of July from Lake Samish in a canoe as a resident on the lake shot off AMAZING fireworks (pyrotechnic specialists included).

The last summer adventure we’ve been waiting for is just around the corner – ALASKA!  We’ll hopefully be able to post some great stories after heading up there on a cruise and hopefully seeing some friends who are up there for the summer.

#4: The Other Stuff
Along with enjoying the perks and learning more about being married we both have been busy!  Stead has been getting up early every morning to drive a bus for Rebound of Whatcom County for their Ray of Hope program and then spending time at the INN running the summer program with a co-leader and some great interns.  I have been with the youth group of BPC barbecuing, going to Creation NW, and enjoying all the other things that come with working with Jr. Highers in the summer.

Another highlight lately has been our bikes – WE LOVE RIDING THEM EVERYWHERE!  And the weather in Bellingham has been BEAUTIFUL so it’s perfect to ride all over town.

All this to say that life is good – and you should all come over!

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